Chicago 2020

Chicago is a complex city, a city with an equally complex reputation. Boasting 77 officially recognized neighborhoods, each possessing its own unique personality, Chicago is at once friendly and brash, progressive and reserved and welcoming and violent. Leading into the year 2020, this complexity has never been truer.

When I moved to Chicago twenty years ago at the age of 20, this diversity fascinated me. Chicago has shaped who I am as a person and an artist and although I’ve traveled to more than 40 countries, I have only scratched the city’s surface. This project is an attempt to tackle my fascination with Chicago’s diverse personality. My goal with this project is to use photography to document the city in the year 2020, starting January 1 and ending December 31. By photographing all 77 neighborhoods and its varied people, it will serve as an homage to this great city and a time capsule of Chicago in the year 2020.

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